Upcoming Features For DSeX V 1.1.X Series

Aug 12, 2013 at 2:41 AM
First off I'm Dumbing the Riched control for ScintillaNet.. Richedit with the wrapper Classes turned out to be very Slow on processing the Highlighter Functions and it was Messey to update Small portoins to avoid coloring the Whole document for one small change

THings I'm Working on..
First Proper Highlighting the code with the Custom dslexer... Defauly Colors are working right now but they need to be customizable for the users perference

I Have temporary book Marks working

After the Highlighter issues are fixed I'd like to put AutoComplete back in...

When Whole Document is Selected in the sections Listbox I'd Like to apply Folding on the
SECTION[space][space]<section Name>